VDA 6.1

QS 9000

ISO 14001

The company has had the certificate CSN EN ISO 9001 since 1994. In 1998, the company was certified under the German standard DIN EN ISO 9001, complemented with requirements of the automobile industry VDA 6.1 and the American standard QS-9000. (It defended its certificates in a repeated audit in 2002.) The company therefore complied to the basic requirements of the automobile industry. The introduced quality control system motivates a continuous process of improvement of all activities in the company. Our goal is to increase their efficiency for the purposes of better satisfaction of our customer. The quality policy and the related quality targets have been set with respect to the following period so that the joint-stock company can introduce self-assessment elements and prepare successfully for total quality control.

The company continues to pursue the development trends in the area of quality in the automotive industry and is ready to improve the established quality systems. One of the requirements in the area of quality is the transition to the process management of companies and improvement the quality of intenal evaluation in the sphere of the company. In addition to already traditional aspects of quality system the process management of the companies brings some new useful elements. One of them is the effort for simplyfication and straightening of informal and process flows, improvement of evaluation of internal activities and others. At the same time the transition to process management brings the necessity of new view on the company and its organizational composition and with it connected changes of established processes and actions. In the year 2003 the company is ready to establish and certify the Quality System according to standard TS 16949.

In 2000 the joint-stock company BRISK was certified with CSN EN ISO 14001 by the Electrotechnical Testing Institute in Prague. The company's certification under this standard has become a continuous process of constant improvement in all respects. Having introduced EMS measures, secured by the necessary sources, mostly financial, corporate management has undertaken to meet its set targets and goals. BRISK's environmental policy constitutes a well-documented commitment of the corporate management which defines the company's attitude to the environmental management system.

BRISK Tábor a.s. feels it shares responsibility for the protection of the environment. Its target is to develop and produce safe and environment-friendly products with the lowest environmental impacts and the lowest demand on natural resources and energy possible, thus contributing to keeping the environment for future generations.

The company ŠKODA AUTO a.s. has classified BRISK Tábor a.s. in the group of A suppliers for spark-plugs and speed sensors.

In 1999 the company received "THE LEADING EDGE" award from the VW corporation as one of the corporation's best suppliers.

In 1999, 2000 and 2001, the company was classfied as one of the top one hundred Czech companies (CZECH 100 BEST).