BRISK Extra Turbo Racing TS/DS EVO

BRISK Extra Turbo Racing TS EVO spark plug has been designed specially for racing engines with high compression pressure and high temperature in the combustion chamber. Spark flashover is ensured by a spark gap formed by two or three outer electrodes, which are integrated directly into the shell. These progressively tapered outer electrodes provide perfect removal of heat, and at the same time protect the insulator tip. Another advantage of the spark plug is a ribless insulator, which in connection with tight cable shoe, eliminates flashover.


The design of BRISK Premium ZC/ZS spark plug enables simultaneous flashover of more sparks on one impulse. Spark gaps are configured in series. They are formed by a central electrode, two auxiliary electrodes, and a shell. Each spark can flash over all perimeter (360°). Sufficient spacing between individual sparks ensures perfect ignition of the fuel/air mixture in the combustion chamber of the engine and fast burning.


Wholly new BRISK Premium LGS spark plug employs the principle of the revolutionary spark plugs BRISK Premium ZS and TXS. Extremely long sliding spark provides perfect ignition of the mixture in the engine cylinder. Patented principle of the circular spark gap along with the spark reaching deep into the combustion chamber ensure that the spark flashes wholly freely along the whole perimeter (360°), in a point with the highest concentration of fuel. This feature provides better uniformity of ignition of individual engine cycles and fast burning.

BRISK Iridium Premium Racing

BRISK IRIDIUM spark plugs feature high ability to ignite the mixture of fuel and air in the combustion chamber of an engine. Small diameter of the center electrode with a tip made of an iridium alloy and the outer electrode trimmed to the spark plug centre reduce the requirement for the voltage to be supplied by the ignition system. The iridium alloy has a high melting point and excellent resistance to erosion. The outer electrode interferes with the flame core only partially, and thus carries away only a minimal amount of heat. Good access of the mixture to the electrodes and properties of iridium improve the functional properties of the spark plug, performance and acceleration of the vehicle.